Evgeny Katz in his lab

We pursue interdisciplinary research focused on rapidly solving real world problems for a better future.  

Our students learn through instruction and guidance from nationally recognized faculty whose commitment to teaching, scholarship, research and innovation has made Clarkson a top-tier nationally ranked research university.

While individual scholars pursue many interests, Clarkson is internationally known for data analytics, STEM and entrepreneurial education, healthy world solutions, and the next generation of advanced materials. Our external network engages more than 380+ active partners in industry, government agencies, chambers of commerce and research organizations affording students access to world relevant problems to pursue with their professors as well as a direct pipeline to internships and careers after graduation.


When I decided to attend Clarkson and major in mechanical engineering, with a minor in biomedical engineering, I definitely never thought it would involve cows — but one summer I worked on a biomedical engineering research project with Prof. Arthur Michalek that focused on the mechanics of intervertebral discs in bovine tails.

Research, Scholarship & Thought Leadership Ignite Innovation

Our research and scholarship environment stretches boundaries across disciplines and ignites the Clarkson mindset to rigorously question the status quo and push the limits of what is known. At our intellectual core, research expands our base of knowledge and thought leadership; and innovation harnesses these results into sustainable solutions and impact. By changing the idea of what a university can be, Clarkson excels at bringing all of this together on a scale that is not happening in the same way, anywhere else in the country to create tangible commercial value, entrepreneurial growth, and benefit to society.

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The Precarious World of Bioethics
Ethical Decision Making in a Technological World

Spinal X-rays

Stem Cell Research Rebuilds Spinal Tissue
Engineering spinal discs out of a patient’s current cells

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Modern-day Alchemy
Extracting metal from waste. 

Stem Research

National Science Foundation Awards Clarkson University Grant to Recruit & Retain Under-represented Minority Students into STEM Programs
Clarkson University is one of seven partner institutions of New York State's Upstate Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (ULSAMP) that has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to strengthen the pipeline between two- and four-year institutions.

Honors & Accolades

Research, scholarship and thought leadership drive the creation of new knowledge and innovation, and underpin the ongoing evolution of our rigorous education. Numerous faculty and staff are recognized national and international experts advancing their research and education around the globe.  We are often called upon to serve our professional societies, advance our Nation and steward our world. 

Our Legacy of Fulbright Scholars

Mark Frascatore

School of Business faculty member Mark Frascatore received a Fulbright Research Lectureship to study and teach the economics of industry and sourcing in Rome, Italy in Spring 2017.

Frascatore, professor of economics & financial studies and senior associate dean of operations and undergrad programs in Clarkson's School of Business, did his Fulbright exchange with the Department of Economics and Finance at Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli University (LUISS) for the spring 2017 semester.

While at the University, he collaborated on industrial economics research with faculty as well as contacts at Ducati Motorcycles and Lamborghini. He also taught a course in supply chain economics and industry structure.

Clarkson has a legacy of Fulbright Scholars infusing the global perspectives in our classrooms and laboratories.  

Leadership & Recognition

S.V. Babu

The Electrochemical Society recently reappointed S.V. Babu, Distinguished University Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in Clarkson University’s Wallace H Coulter School of Engineering, to its Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC).  The EAC expedites and facilitates evaluation and publication decisions of manuscripts submitted to The Electrochemical Society’s journals.   In this role, experts like Prof. Babu, provide support to the journal editors in areas where existing technical editors and associate editors may need additional assistance.  Committee members are available for a rapid review and additional opinions to supplement conflicting or imbalanced comments from other reviewers; processing assistance in the journal areas that receive a large number of annual submissions; and reviewing and expediting articles that go in the Society’s other communications media. 

Babu is the past director of Clarkson’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing and an expert in the field of chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP), holding 31 patents.  He has supervised 44 Ph.D. and 38 master of science students and is a co-author of more than 250 professional publications, including 198 peer-reviewed publications.  He has organized and co-organized many conferences and symposiums, as well as served as keynote speaker numerous times.  He has been named twice with the IBM Faculty Award (2004 and 2016), and acknowledgement of his contributions to education and research from Intel, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the World Education Congress among other external recognition.  
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